CSBSP8&EVPC2019 is approaching: abstract deadline June 15, 2019.

The abstract template is available on the website as well as by clicking here. Abstracts are submitted to abstracts[at]csbsp8evpc2019.eu.

Our President Pikka Jokelainen is one of the four new Editors of Parasite Epidemiology and Control (PAREPI), the journal of World Federation of Parasitologists (WFP)!

Read more on the journal website: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/parasite-epidemiology-and-control/news/welcoming-new-editors-to-parasite-epidemiology-and-control

Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP) is an active member of WFP, and will host the next congress of WFP, ICOPA (ICOPAnhagen) together with DSP in 2022.

Student travel grants to CSBSP8&EVPC2019!
Up to three travel grants of up to 500 EUR are available, deadline for applications is June 15.

These grants support students to attend, present their work, expand their career horizons and make new contacts in the field.

For the past two CSBSPs, SBSP granted altogether seven conference travel grants to applicants representing five different countries. The feedback from previous grant recipients has been overwhelmingly positive, e.g.

“During the conference, I had the opportunity to speak with colleagues I previously knew or had worked with. I also met new people who have experience on the same field that I am doing my research on. I made new contacts and got valuable ideas for future research.“

“Participation in this conference fulfilled a number of my goals: I have introduced myself to SBSP community, successfully presented my research and learned a lot about trends in contemporary parasitology. I have also met lots of scientists from all over the world, working on diverse and interesting research projects. For the first time I have personally evaluated significance of such events, notably the importance of scientific collaboration and exchange of ideas.“

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We are happy to announce that during CSBSP8-EVPC2019 we will continue the tradition of SBSP Young Scientist Awards. Eligible candidates can enroll at CSBSP8-EVPC2019 registration desk. Please share this news in your networks!

Dear parasitologists from all over the world, the Organizing Committee of ICOPAnhagen wants to hear what you think!
Please take the time to write a couple of lines in the space provided on page http://icopaxv.dk/index.html
For example: What did you like best about ICOPA 2018 in Daegu? What would you like to find at ICOPA 2022 in Copenhagen that you did not find at ICOPA 2018? If you did not attend ICOPA 2018, why was that?
This consultation is an anonymous collection of information, and the messages will not be replied. All input is greatly appreciated and will help us make ICOPAnhagen an ICOPA to remember!

Joint event comprising the 8th Conference of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP) and the Annual Meeting of the European Veterinary Parasitology College, in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 10-11, 2019. http://csbsp8evpc2019.eu/
Registration and abstract submission is open!

President of SBSP Pikka Jokelainen was nominated as the 1st Vice-President of World Federation of Parasitologists (WFP).

Together with the Danish Society for Parasitology (DSP), SBSP will host the next ICOPA in 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thank you for the support! We are looking forward to 2022!

Wonderful networking in the field of food- and waterborne parasitology: SBSP is an Affiliate Group of IAFWP (the International Association for Food and Waterborne Parasitology)

Read more about IAFWP: https://www.iafwp.org/

SBSP is an active, international society. We welcome suggestions and invitations to join different networks in the field of parasitology. We are an active member of EFP and WFP, and this is the first Affiliate Group membership we have.

SBSP is turning 15 years! The Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP) was founded in June 2003 in Bergen, Norway, by fusion of Scandinavian Society for Parasitology (est. 1967) and Baltic Society for Parasitology (est. 1993).

In 2003, the first president of SBSP Karl Skírnisson wrote: "This joining of our societies is expected to have valuable advantages in fu¬ture years with e.g. increased membership numbers, better scientific communication and improved cooperation between colleagues working in the Scandinavian and the Baltic countries."
Gediminas Valkiunas wrote:
"We believe that the joint Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology will provide additional opportunities for parasitologist in Scandinavian and Baltic countries to meet each other and to work together on joint projects."

It sure has done that! We are happy and proud of our society that has become truly international. Roots in the two parent societies, we are growing and blossoming! /Pikka

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Our Membership Officer Andrea Miller has tried to send an email about membership status to all members – if you are a member but have not received an email, please contact Andrea membership(at)sbsp.eu to update your email address in our new records. We value you as our member!

If you are not yet a member, or if you once were and would like to return, right now is an excellent time to become an active part of our wonderful network: http://sbsp.eu/index.php/join-sbsp

Together with the Danish Society for Parasitology (DSP), SBSP is bidding to host the next ICOPA in 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark. We got shortlisted, we are one of the two finalists!

14th International Conference on Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases, 6-9 November 2018, Sitges, Spain.

Conference website

The very first announcement: CSBSP8 and EVPC2019 will be held 10.10.–11.10.2019 in Copenhagen/Frederiksberg, Denmark! This joint event comprises the 8th Congress of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology and the Annual Meeting of the European Veterinary Parasitology College.