Aims of The Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology

  • To encourage research and education in parasitology in the Nordic and the Baltic countries
  • to act as a unifying body for parasitologists and persons interested in parasitology and to represent them in the Nordic and the Baltic countries
  • to represent Nordic and Baltic parasitologists internationally
  • The Society promotes its aims through committee reports and proposals, and by taking initiatives, and issuing statements, as well as by educational work and arranging courses, symposia, joint meetings and discussions.

The background of our logo

Our society is in the northern Europe. The tree in our logo represent the old Norse belief of the framework of the universe, Yggdrasil. The parasites in the tree have more than one meaning. The main one being that parasites are an important part of the world. In addition, these parasites may be seen to refer to the Midgaard Serpent, Jörmungandr. The story about the serpent is a worm-problem in mythological context that took great effort to control, not unlike some parasitic problems of our world today.