Minutes from the last SSP board meeting on June 13th 2003 - Bergen, Norway

1. Prepare the agenda for the General Assembly (GA)
2. Final acceptance of the new statutes
3. Payments for the Bulletin and the Homepage-Webmaster
4. Coverage of travel expenses for Charlotte
5. Other issues

Karl Skirnisson, Cecilia Thors, Einar Strømnes, Jorun Tharaldsen, Charlotte Maddox-Hyttel (ref.)

1. The agenda for the GA was discussed and the points to be remembered were noted including suggestions for the various posts and appointment of people to pose the suggestions at the GA. Thus a checklist was prepared for the Board members and for the proposed meeting Chairman. Also a list for attendees to mark their names was prepared.

2. The new statutes for the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP) were gone through for the last time for any minor 'cosmetic' corrections necessary. It was discussed that the last point in the statutes stating that they should be in force as soon as accepted must be emphasised at the GA. Also the fact that all Board members are in the future 'real' Board members (no Deputy members will be elected for the SBSP). The Board accepted the statutes.

3. The costs for the printing of the SSP-Bulletin in connection with the XXI Symposium in Bergen will be covered partly (half) by the symposium organisers (A. Skorping) and partly by the Society. Einar Strømnes will take care of payments to the printer using the local (Norwegian) SSP-account. Also, payments are due to Jorun Tharaldsen (JT) for her work as an editor for the Bulletin. It has previously been agreed that JT should be paid 7000 NOK per year for this work. Previous years there have been 2-3 issues per year. No issues were published in 2002 and only one issue, this final regular issue, in 2003. It was agreed to discuss in the new board (after the GA) what the future payment to JT should be.
Similarly the payment due to Árni Kristmundsson for his work as the Webmaster for the SSP will be discussed at the first Board meeting of the SBSP.

4. The coverage of travel expenses for Charlotte to attend the XXI SSP Symposium as approved by the Board via e-mail, will be taken care of by the Danish SSP-account.

5. Realising that Mats Wahlgreen and Maria Vang Johansen will no longer be Board members we were sorry that they were not present so that we could thank them properly for their work. An extended 'Thank You' will be made at the GA. All their efforts have been greatly appreciated.

Charlotte Maddox-Hyttel
Copenhagen, June 25, 2003