Minutes of the General Assembly of The Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology, Vilnius, Lithuania, May 28th 2005
Number of persons present (see enclosed presence list): 45 - including 41 SBSP members.

1. Opening of the meeting:
President Karl Skirnisson opened the General Assembly.

2. Election of the chairperson of the meeting:
Tellervo Valtonen was elected.

3. Acceptance of the agenda:
Agenda of the meeting was accepted.

4. Election of the secretary of the meeting:
Allan Roepstorff was elected.

5. Election of two members to approve the minutes of the General Assembly:
Jorun Tharaldsen and Jesper Monrad were elected.

6. Report of the SBSP activities over the last two years:
Karl Skirnisson presented the report on Board activities during the past period. The board of SBSP been meeting in Bergen, 2003, and in Vilnius, 2005, and in-between the board has communicated successfully by email. A homepage has been successfully established, and Arni Kristmundsson (IS) will continue as the Webmaster. The Bulletin of the SBSP has stopped as a scientific journal; however, it continues by presenting the proceedings of the scientific SBSP meetings, and Jorun Tharaldsen continues as the editor. SBSP has local treasures in all countries and this functions very well. The number of SBSP members has increased from 170 in 2003 to approx. 211 in 2005, hereof 34 members from the Baltic countries. Karl Skirnisson has presented SBSP at EMOP in Valencia (2004). Karl Skirnisson expressed his gratitude to the board members (Katja Pulkkinen (FIN), Cecilia Thors (SE), Romualda Petkeviciute (LIT) and Einar Strömnes (NO)), who are now leaving the board, and the members of the Scientific and the Local Organising Committee (Gediminas Valkiunas and colleagues) for an excellent conference.

7. Report from the treasurer:
The SBSP treasurer Katja Pulkkinen made a financial report. The society has 211 members (of which 8 are members of honour) and a fortune of 13900.50 Euro. For details see attached Treasurer's report.

8. Approval of Business and Treasurer's reports:
Both reports were approved by General Assembly and the Board was released from responsibility.

9. Election of the members of the Board:
Charlotte Maddox-Hyttel (DK) was elected as the President
Arni Kristmundsson (IS) was elected as a new member
Haakon Hansson (NO) was elected as a new member
Johan Höglund (SE) was elected as a new member
Jurijus Komisazovas (LIT) was elected as a new member
Gediminas Valkiunas (LIT) continues as the Vice president

10. Election of two auditors:
Matthias Eydal (IS) and Katja Pulkkinen (FIN) were elected as auditors.

11. The annual fees for the next period:
25 euro for ordinary members and 10 Euro for students and members who have retired were approved by General Assembly.

12. Time and location of the next General Assembly:
The next meeting and General Assembly will be held at the Arctic Centre, University of Rovaniemi, Finland (in Lapland), August 29-31, 2007.

15. Other matters
No suggestions were received from the members. The suggestion of the board to appoint two honorary members of SBSP, Docent Tellervo Valtonen (FIN) and Dr. habil Vytautas Kontrimavichius (LIT), was applauded by the General Assembly.
The new president, Charlotte Maddox-Hyttel, acknowledged the former president Karl Skirnisson for his excellent work. She expressed also her gratitude to the former members of the board during the past period and mentioned that the challenges of the next period will be to continue the updating of the homepage, recruit new members, and think of what the accumulated fortune may best be used for.

Charlotte Maddox-Hyttel Chairman
Allan Roepstorff Secretary
Jorun Tharaldsen Scrutiniser
Jesper Monrad Scrutiniser