Message from the president,

Dear members,
As the new president I would like to thank the organisers, especially the project leader Tor A. Bakke, and Natural
History Museum in Oslo for the SBSP4 in Olso (19-22nd June 2011). It was a great pleasure and a very well
organised event with lots of interesting research and ideas. I would also like to thank the old board and
president for their work in the previous period and welcome the new.
If You have pictures from the symposium in Oslo, please send them to the webmaster (select maximum 10 please).

There were many very good presentations from students at SBSP4. Three presentations (2 oral and 1 poster)
were honoured for their excellence in mediating their research. The awards were given to: Heidi Aisala,
Raul Ramirez, and Ksenia L. Zueva. Congratulations!

Minutes from the general assembly will be uploaded as soon as they are ratified together with the minutes of
the first meeting of the new board. To meet a proposed requests from a member the board agreed to give
honorary members the oppotunity to attend future symposiums at the same reduced registration fee as students.

Brian Lassen
President of the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology