An announcement from a new parasitological network

Polar Parasitology Network (PoPaN)
Who are we? PoPaN is an international network of parasitologists, wildlife biologists and epidemiologists, health professionals and others who are interested in parasitological issues in polar regions.

PoPaN’s goals: PoPaN highlights important issues in parasitology in Arctic and Antarctic regions, fosters research initiatives and other relevant ideas and collaborative ventures. International meetings provide fora for information exchange and discussion, and enable sharing of techniques and results relevant to parasitology in polar environments.

PoPaN meetings: The most recent PoPaN meeting was held in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway in June 2010. Previous PoPaN meetings (International Workshops on Arctic Parasitology) have been held in Saskatchewan, Canada (2000), in Rovaniemi, Finland (2003), and in Calgary, Canada (2006). PoPaN meetings are organised by different research groups with polar parasitology interests. The next POPAN meeting is scheduled for 2012, venue (proposed Fairbanks, Alaska) to be confirmed.

PoPaN contact details and information: PoPaN is currently chaired by Dr Susan Kutz, University of Calgary, Canada, assisted by regional delegates