§ 1. The name of the Society is the Scandinavian-Baltic Society for Parasitology (SBSP).

§ 2. The purpose of the Society is to encourage research and education in parasitology in the Scandinavian and the Baltic countries, to act as a unifying body for parasitologists and persons interested in parasitology in these countries, and to represent them internationally. The Society will promote its aims by taking initiatives, issuing statements, and arranging courses, symposia and discussions, and by any other appropriate means. The Society shall maintain and regularly update a Home Page in collaboration with a Webmaster, who will be nominated for two years by each new Board.

§ 3. Membership is open to any person interested in parasitology. Application for membership shall be sent to the Board of the Society, which decides upon admission. Members may resign from the Society by giving written notice to the Board, or orally by entry in the minutes at a General Assembly.

§ 4. Honorary membership may be given to distinguished parasitologists. The honorary member is nominated by the Board and elected by the General Assembly.

§ 5. Annual membership fee is decided by the General Assembly. Honorary members do not pay membership fees. Members who have not paid membership fees for two years, despite notification thereof, will be excluded from the Society by the Board.

§ 6. The routine business of the Society shall be transacted by the Board in accordance with the Statutes and the directions given by the General Assembly. The Board shall consist of the following members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant-Treasurer, Membership Officer and two Members.
The Board shall be elected for two terms. It is recommended to replace three or four positions on the Board at each General Assembly.
Only Society members who are present during elections, or who have given written consent, may be elected on the Board.
If more than one candidate has been nominated for a position on the Board the voting shall be carried out by show of hands, or if requested by any of the participants, by secret ballot. The candidate receiving the majority of the votes is elected. In the event of a tie, the result is decided by drawing lots.
The Board shall meet at the request of the President, or by suggestion of at least three Board members. A Board Meeting is recommended at least once a year.
The necessary quorum is reached if at least four members of the Board are present. 
The President, the Secretary and the Treasurer have signature rights for the Society.
Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and President have access rights to Society’s bank account.

§ 7. The financial account and the business transactions of the Society shall be audited by two Auditors elected by the General Assembly. The Auditors shall not be Members of the Board.

§ 8. The accounting period is the same as the business period of the Society, and the audit of the account shall be presented at the General Assembly at the end of the period.

§ 9. The Board may appoint ad-hoc committees to solve specific problems.

§ 10. The General Assembly of the Society shall meet at a place at the time decided upon by the previous General Assembly. Standard meeting agenda items are: 
a) Election of a meeting Chairman
b) Acceptance of the agenda
c) Election of Secretary of the meeting
d) Election of two Members who shall ratify the minutes of the General Assembly
e) The Board's Business Report for the previous period
f) The Treasurer's Report of the financial situation and the Auditors' Report
g) The General Assembly's approval of the Business Report and Accounts, and to release the 
Board and the Auditors
h) Election to the vacant posts on the Board
i) Election of two Auditors
j) Establishment of annual fees for the next period
k) Establishment of the place and time for the next General Assembly
l) Other matters, which must be sent to the Board at least six weeks prior to the General Assembly

§ 11. Other Society meetings may be called by the Board, or at the written request to the Board from at least 1/10 (one tenth) of the members of the Society.

§ 12. The presence of at least 15 members shall constitute a quorum at General Assemblies and other meetings. Matters to be voted on shall be decided by the majority. In the event of a tie, a drawing of lots shall decide the result.

§ 13. Scientific meetings, symposia and courses shall be held at places and times decided by the Board. At least one member of the Board shall participate on the organizing committee.

§ 14. Due notice of a meeting (see § 13) shall be sent by e-mail to the members of the Society at least one month before the meeting. Detailed information on upcoming meetings must be available on the Home Page of the Society. 

§ 15. Proposals for changes in these statutes to be voted upon at the next General Assembly shall be sent by letter or e-mail to the President of the Society at least six weeks prior to the meeting. The changes must be accepted by at least three fourths of the votes cast.
Decision on changes to these statutes, or on the dissolution of the Society may only take place, if this has been specifically mentioned on the meeting agenda.

§ 16. In the event of the dissolution of the Society, its funds shall unconditionally be transferred to the European Federation of Parasitologists (EFP) and the World Federation of Parasitologists (WFP).

§ 17. When accepted these Statutes immediately take effect.