The rapid rise of parasitological research in the Scandinavian countries in the sixties and seventies was partly due to SSP activities. The early Symposia were a valuable addition to parasitological education then available at Nordic Universities. As seen below, the Society arranged several courses for the younger generation in collaboration with skilled SSP members:

1970 "A Nordic Course in General Parasitology" arranged byHolger Madsen and Jørn Andreassen at the Zoological Laboratory, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

1975 A course in "Marine Parasitology" arranged by August Brinkmann and Björn Berland at the Collegium for Marine Biology in Bergen, Norway.

1979 A course in "Veterinary Parasitology" arranged byErling Bindseil at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

1982 A course named, "Use of Labelled Antibodies in Parasitological Research" arranged byGunnel Huldt and Inger Ljungström in Stockholm, Sweden.

1986 A postgraduate course on "Aquaculture and Parasitic Diseases" arranged by Emmy Egidius, Jan Thulin and Björn Berland in Bergen, Norway.

1992 A Nordic training course in "Parasitic Zoonoses" arranged by Peter Nansen, Henrik Bøg, Bente Ilstøe and Eskild Petersen at the RVA University, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1993 A Nordic training course on "Epidemiology of Zoonotic Diseases" also arranged by Peter Nansen and his colleagues the Danish Centre for Parasitic Zoonoses, RVA University, Copenhagen, Denmark.