Photographic Archive:
In 1993, Göran Malmberg donated to the SSP a large collection of photographs made during previous SSP symposia. This material is archived at the Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.

Participation in Federations.
In 1970 the SSP joined the European Federation of Parasitology as well as the World Federation of Parasitologists. SBSP is an active member of both societies. SBSP hosted EMOP in 2016 in Turku, Finland, and will host ICOPA in 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark, together with Danish Society for Parasitology

Selected verses of poems written and recited at past SSP banquets
by Greta Hedenström

Icke blott i varma länder är det gott om vilda djur.
Också här, där vi har vant oss vid en mer steril kultur
är det gott om parasiter, icke blott i fisk och får.
Har vi tur så kan vi möte dem varhelst vi går och står
ja, varhelst vi går och star kan vi skönja deras spår,
oftare ju mer vi lär oss av att träffas år från år i den vinterkalla Nord.
Vi får kaste överbord våra dagliga bekymmer och tar till oss nya ord.
SSP 2, 1967
- o -
Räven rasker utan maskar
när i Norge runt han traskar
#så får vi lov#
att sjunga rävarnas vise.
Hur många sorkar de än förtär
så finns det alls inga maskar där
så får vi lov etc…..
SSP 3, 1968
- o -
In the North we look on parasites as figurines of fun.
Many of them do not thrive under the never setting sun,
others do not like the winter and its overwhelming cold.
And the admirable hygiene sometimes makes them lose their hold,
while a certain lack of slums gives them pricking in their thumbs.
But their genius for survival helps them get along on crumbs
so the greedy parasites stay alive in many sites
with no respect or feeling for established human rights.
SSP 7, 1974
- o -
Dogs since early in the Stone Age were the closest friends of man
working willingly with shepherds so that sheep and cattle ran
roughly in the right direction as directed by the men.
It may be that our survival was quite dog dependent then,
on the road from Nomad ways to the life in our days
when machines in Western countries have replaced the canine lays.
SSP 11, 1983